Saturday, December 6, 2008

Why do I bother?

I bought this red hoodie for Chloe and was SOOOOO excited to come home and put it on her....she hates it! I am taking it back, but I had to get a picture of my little pup in a christmas hoodie. I guess she feels best in her birthday suit! ( Continue down to more posts, as I have added some new posts about the past month....)

Graham Cracker

I love this kid! This is my little Graham bro and sis finally got a brown eyed boy. All of their other kids are blond haired and blue eyed. This little fart definitely has a hold my heart! He has sleep overs with Robb and I (and he doesn't get that you SLEEP at sleep overs) but it is great practice. Love you Graham!

Voting and a Birthday boy!

Yes this all happened about a month ago, but I am still going to blog about it. I voted for the first time in my life...(kinda sad since I have been able to for 8 years) but it was fun and exhilirating and pretty darn cool! My little Blobby had a birthday on November 5th, the big #31! What a cute old man he is right? We went to Old Spaghetti Factory for some dinner (his favorite) and I got a him a pretty funny card with some bright blue running shoes he had been wanting. I am so glad Robb was born, because I don't know what I would do with out him...Love you honey!


Really Chloe? She thinks she can park her behind anywhere! Robb was laying on his stomach on the floor working on his computer and Chloe walked right on to him and plopped down. She didn't move when he came to his hands and knees. She is so funny, we love having Chloe around! (even when she gives us a covered wagon in the middle of the night...pee yew!)

Good ol' Austin...

My days at work are never dull, especially around 2:00 pm when Austin rolls in to work. Austin likes to sing (really loud) and has even helped me find a name for my baby. I told him I really liked the name Nash for a boy, and when I found out it was a girl, he decided to keep Nash but make it more feminine...hence the new name, Nashita. What a beautiful name, don't you think? I had to blog about Austin in this awesome lab coat...perfect fit for him! Thanks Austin for making the afternoons entertaining and for keeping us on our feet.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Home owner

No pictures for this post, but I thought it worthy to make note....Robb and I are home owners! (Well, when I say owner, I mean we bought a house and have a home loan) but no more renting for us....just paying a hefty mortgage every month. We bought a town house in Three Fountains on Canyon Road and couldn't have done it with out the constant help and support from my parents...who lucky for us, live here in Three Fountains as well in a Condo! My crazy brother Dave, and insanely funny sister-in-law Bear thought it would be okay to take their family to Idaho Falls! (Yes, they did indeed take my little Graham Cracker away from me). Dave and Bear sold us their town it is kind of bitter sweet. But we have loved it thus far in the 6 weeks we have lived here, and I am still unpacking boxes! There is a lot of crap I have accumulated over the past few years....I hope to not be moving here for a good while.

Fridays with Oakley

I have the privilege of babysitting for my big bro Muck and his hot wife Nikki on Fridays. Oakley is the youngest and I get her all to myself(well, Robb and I do) until the kids get home from school later in the day. She is diva-licious for sure! We LOVE watching her, and I must say I have been getting a little jealous since Robb has been coming with me because she only wants him! Here are some of our fun times with the little chick-a-dee. Pretzel bites at the Mall, Magelby's Fresh breakfast and lunch at her house...(can you see the water she poured all over sandwich? She still took a bite after it was SOAKED!) Love you little Oakster!

REAL Soccer Game

What a fun night! October 9th was REAL Salt Lake's first home game in their new stadium, and Robb's awesome companion from the good 0l' mission field invited us along! Robb has been a connoisseur of soccer since his mission in England. He came home and played for UVSC's team for 2 years and he was like a kid at Christmas when we went to this game. Some guy actually proposed to his girlfriend at the game at half time (ahhh how romantic). We had a great night....Thanks so much John! You are the best!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

We're having a.....

The day I have been waiting for since I became pregnant arrived on Tuesday! I had my ultra-sound and it was really neat. I asked the Doc if my baby was alive, cuz I couldn't see it moving, and just then the arms and hands moved as if to say Hello! For the last year and half I have been buying cute baby clothes. They are ALL girl clothes, because let's face it, girl clothes are SOOOO much cuter to shop for. So I guess I lucked out....

We Are Having A Girl!!!!!!!!

Juvenile Diabetes yard sale and walk....

The yard sale for Kaden was a success, Robb and I even came away with a dresser, night stand, window pane and the world's first snowboard(Robb was super pumped about the last item). The Diabetes walk is always fun. It is at Scera Park with games, food, and lots of Diabetic kids running around. Uncle Jeffy still has the Kaden's Cowboys shirt from 7 years ago and sports it every walk! We definitely need new year Kaden, I promise.

More pics from the last post....

Ahoy Mateys!

I have not jumped the blogging ship, but was shipwrecked for a couple of months there. To be honest, life was pretty busy, and I had lost the will to blog, but since my last post I have taken lots of pictures thinking I would someday return to the island of blog...and so I am back for good and have much to catch up on.

We took a girls trip to St. George with my mommy, aunt and cute sissies in law and it was sooo fun! (way too short though) I rode down with Nikki earlier than the rest and when the others I arrived I realized I actually have a twin...a darker version of me. (We had to take a picture because Bear and I matched exactly...we got a kick out of it.) We ate the Pizza Factory and I got some CUTE clothes at the outlets, but not for me....for the baby!

I graduated! Yahoo! It has been LONG road, but I can now say I am a college graduate. I should have my M.D. by now (I have been attending college since I was 18) but I did have a few road blocks that prevented me from going each semester and finishing on time such as Robb's internship in Washington, living in Colorado, and working full time to actually afford school. It was a great day and I was pretty emotional (those baby hormones and I am a big boob any way). I earned my Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. Thanks to my sweet parents and grandparents and hubby for supporting me and getting me to that point of graduation! (my plans are to work on my nursing degree after the baby next year)

Dave and Bear decided it was okay to leave me and take their cute kids to Idaho Falls! I am sure missing them, but I know they are having a blast up there. Dave started a break off of my Dad's company things are going well. I do miss my baby Graham Cracker....and while they were in I. F. a friend cut Tayson's hair for the Idaho Fair....white trash anyone?

Juvenile Diabetes....I will pay someone some serious money to find a cure! My little nephew Kaden(not so little anymore, he is 11) was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes at the age of four. We did a yard sale this year to raise money and the walk was yesterday. It was a blast being with family and supporting such a valiant cause to raise awareness and money to find a cure. GO JDRF!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance!!!!!!

Okay, no pictures, but if I could take them from tonight's show I absolutely fruitly would! Holy sheep shiz!(alright, I just heard that from my sis-in-law Bear a booba and had to use it) Who in the worldness to you choose to go home? They are all fantastic. Chelsie is a freakin' babe-a-licious! Could anyone be any cuter? And her talent is phenomenal! Plus, I DIG the fact that she has a NORMAl dancer body...she ain't no stick figure! Um, HI Katee and Joshua!?!? Every time they dance together it truly is magic(one of the judges said that...wipe a tear) And did you see the dance Mark and Courtney did with Sonya Tayeh as the Choreographer? It was the bee's knees! It was so intense and the hits in the music with the hits in the, my heart be still. And come on, who of you wouldn't get Sonya's mohawk and style if you could? She is a gorgeous woman....someday ladies and gents, I would love to get that marvelous hawker of hers! I had to blab about tonight, cuz I just luvs dancing! Older I get, harder it is to get out there and DANCE! But boy, I tell you what...I couldn't live with out it. Dance provides freedom for my soul, that i just can't achieve any where else. So for all you beautiful dancers out there (especially all the talented ones that I have been PRIVILEGED to dance with) I am pointing my toes for you as I write! Toodlee Doo!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Go- gong, go-gong

Today we heard the heart beat! (does anyone remember Dirty Dancing and the heart beat part? that is what my title is from) Wow....are you kidding me? How in the world can I hear my baby's heart beat and when shim is soooo small? The medical world is miraculous....and I must say I actually kind of believe I am preggo now after our appt. The fact that there is LIFE inside of me? There is no going back, and my doubts of being a good mother have been flooding in today. And man, I am naturally a REALLY sensitive person, but I cry at EVERYTHING these days! Well, baby, I will do my best to make you a nice home and we can't wait to know if you shall be a little princess or a strapping young prince! Ta ta for now little peanut!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

On the up and up

Happy Birthday to me! I must say that this year's birthday was quite enjoyable. I slept in until 11 am and just lounged around. ( I am usually not so lazy, but this darn jelly bean in my stomach is keepin' me plum tuckered, and I hit the point at 8 weeks where all I wanted to do was puke) I was feeling pretty nauseous so I tried to lay low, knowing that we were going to dinner later and I wanted to eat! Robb had gone a fishin' at 5 am and when he returned he got down on one knee and pulled a box from behind his back and asked me to marry him again....with a little sterling silver ring. He was so sweet as he explained that was all he could afford...(we are still on the job search) and I wanted to cry because of his sweetness in even getting me anything! My mom and dad were SOOOOOO nice and took Robb and I out to dinner at Le Olive Garden (oh wow, those darn bread sticks are the best-o) and it was a perfect night. Robb had another little surprise up his sleeve when we got home as he brought me out to the patio to see the other present he got me...or rather put together for me. The old chair in the picture belonged to his great-grandpa and was in a shed with other little treasures for a long time. He brought it home 3 years ago and it sat on our front porch of our apartment for those years before we packed it up for China. It had become quite a bit less sturdy while chillin' in our storage unit and so the creative hubby that he is, he took it to a shop, sawed a hole out of it and put a pot in the middle so I could plant some flowers in it and it could beautify our home some day. He is cute.....I just love him. I got some much loved money from my parents and a delicious green bath robe with a duck on it(I love ducks!) So my birthday was awesome...not because of the stuff I got(though that was much appreciated) but for the time I spent with family. 26 and pregnant! (Sounds pretty good eh?)

The price of being a cowboy

These here pictures do no justice to the awful bruising my dad experienced over a span of two weeks from an incident in the mountains with one of his beloved horsies. His leg got much worse after a few days as it spread from the top of his thigh, to his foot, and the point of impact was at his knee! My silly dad has still not gone to the Dr. after 3 weeks of being a cripple because he is quite stubborn. So here is the scene, he is galloping up a grand mountain and sees two trees in the distance, he heads for the space in between the trees and as he leads his horse through them (he is still galloping) and BAM! He misjudged the space between the trees and rams his knee directly in to the on of the trees! I swear he is an experienced horseman, but sometimes on his horses he feels a bit too invincible. Needless to say, the bruising has gone, but his knee cap is a bit off from alignment.

From a month ago, but sure love my dad!

All right, these photos were taken on Father's Day back in June, and because I am such a procrastinator (I tend to be that way with pretty much everything, like the homework assignment I have due tomorrow that I haven't even started on) I haven't gotten these cute pictures up yet. So yes, I do see that my strapping young father has a bow tie on, and it is awesome isn't it? My mom was out of town over Father's Day, and so my dad was extremely excited to wear his bow mom would not have allowed it! My dad is the best! Seriously, I love this man with all my heart. He loves horses and anything cowboy. It is the best when he is going on a ride and gets all his gear on, from his wranglers(he doesn't wear them tight, although I don't think it would matter because my dad has a flat butt) to his cowboy hat a boots to his neckerchief(spelling?) and most often he is sporting the sweetest mustache! (although his mom is not a big fan of it) He works like no other man I know and he has the most Christ-like qualities of any one I have ever met! Plus, I am his only little girl, and I get cute little nicknames; peanut, pumpkin, princess, Annie-bug (just to name a few). I just had to get this blog done about the most incredible Dad in the world! (I often imagine that he is very similar to what our Father in Heaven is like) Love you Daddio! (OH and I love how he gets super annoyed when I put Chloe in his bed at night, and how the only channel on the t.v. that is on when he gets home from work is the western channel!)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Full of posts....and midnight cravings

All right, there ain't no pictures with this here post, but I wanted to share a cute story(okay...probably more cute to me than anyone else, but hey, it is my blog...)

So being pregnant and all, I am expecting these interesting cravings. So far- none! Nothing sounds good which is so disappointing, because I LOVE eating! Seriously, I think about what my next meal should be and most often than not, stuff my self into misery because I don't want to waste even one tiny, certainly tasty morsel! Any who, to my story at hand....a week ago,(sunday night) my hubster and I are laying in bed around 11:45pm. I am exhausted because I am pregnant, and I am thinking of the day I have ahead of me the next day... suddenly, breaking through the silence of the night and the exhaustion of my thoughts- Robb sits up in bed and says; "You know what sounds so good right now? Mcdonald's French Fries!" Oh it was just about the cutest thing I have heard! My cute hubby, having a craving! (usually his cravings consist of fruit or a fresh fruit drink) I must admit, it did sound good, but what I was craving was sleep, and so, as I told him it was too late, I watched as his face slipped slowly into disappointment; his body slide down into the bed and the covers pulled to his chin as a sigh escaped his perfect mouth. I have vowed from now on to go with my husband when a craving hits him....because that sad little moment when I declined his excitement was not worth the one hour of uncomfortable sleep I got that night. Late night cravings, here I come!

Me and My Guy

He means business!
A little nourishment before the casting...
I couldn't resist taking a picture of our surroundings
Heck yah! I am an AVID fisherwoman

Robb-bubba with his fishy

So this little fishing trip took place back in June on a Saturday evening. Robb asked me out on a date and of course I obliged and we went up to my aunt's place in Midway. I was famished, and so we went to The Famous Dairy Keen in Heber and got some grub. I must say it was a great start to the date! We headed to a part of the Provo River that runs behind my aunt and uncle's place and sure had fun. I caught two fish, and Robb caught about 5. There was one point in our fun evening, when Robb carried me across the river on his back and I had the fishing poles, one in each hand....I just wish someone could have taken a picture! I decided that on our way crossing back, that I would walk with Robb....holy ice water! I almost drowned in three feet deep water! I had to give Robb a pat on the back for carrying me on his back in that ice bath. The night was a success, as it ended with a kiss....and a sleep over!(hee hee)

Strawberry Days.....and cream

(pictures from top to bottom: My cute cowboy dad, THE strawberries and cream you HAVE to get when you go, my oldest nephew Kaden and the gorgeous Rodeo Queen, some rough-ridin' cowboy on his buckin' horse, and last but not least, Ram(the most sweetest, kindest guy with the best attitude you will ever meet! He is family to us for sure, you have to meet this dude!)

So it has been tradition for a while now to head over to Pleasant Grove and go to the Strawberry Days not only was my first date with Robb, but a yearly thing with my family and I usually love it! It has only been the last two years that I have started to question the treatment of animals at rodeos...I mean seriously, have you seen the calf roping and steer wrestling? The poor babies necks are getting yanked and twisted and I just can hardly stand watching it! I may have to join PETA(I can see myself now, picket signs and protesting as my family passes me at Strawberry Days next year). Besides the neck twisting, I have a great time with my family, and took some sweet pictures, so here you go!