Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ahoy Mateys!

I have not jumped the blogging ship, but was shipwrecked for a couple of months there. To be honest, life was pretty busy, and I had lost the will to blog, but since my last post I have taken lots of pictures thinking I would someday return to the island of blog...and so I am back for good and have much to catch up on.

We took a girls trip to St. George with my mommy, aunt and cute sissies in law and it was sooo fun! (way too short though) I rode down with Nikki earlier than the rest and when the others I arrived I realized I actually have a twin...a darker version of me. (We had to take a picture because Bear and I matched exactly...we got a kick out of it.) We ate the Pizza Factory and I got some CUTE clothes at the outlets, but not for me....for the baby!

I graduated! Yahoo! It has been LONG road, but I can now say I am a college graduate. I should have my M.D. by now (I have been attending college since I was 18) but I did have a few road blocks that prevented me from going each semester and finishing on time such as Robb's internship in Washington, living in Colorado, and working full time to actually afford school. It was a great day and I was pretty emotional (those baby hormones and I am a big boob any way). I earned my Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. Thanks to my sweet parents and grandparents and hubby for supporting me and getting me to that point of graduation! (my plans are to work on my nursing degree after the baby next year)

Dave and Bear decided it was okay to leave me and take their cute kids to Idaho Falls! I am sure missing them, but I know they are having a blast up there. Dave started a break off of my Dad's company things are going well. I do miss my baby Graham Cracker....and while they were in I. F. a friend cut Tayson's hair for the Idaho Fair....white trash anyone?

Juvenile Diabetes....I will pay someone some serious money to find a cure! My little nephew Kaden(not so little anymore, he is 11) was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes at the age of four. We did a yard sale this year to raise money and the walk was yesterday. It was a blast being with family and supporting such a valiant cause to raise awareness and money to find a cure. GO JDRF!

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Peter & Darise said...

Congratulations there you little college graduate. that's such a huge accomplishment. I always tell people I quit school to get Peter through, but it was all an act. I just wanted a reason to quit. You're my hero for sticking it out.