Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January 4th....about 35 weeks preggo...ENJOY!

Hopefully those of you viewing this blog have a barf bag handy...I'm sorry for the obscene pictures, but these are the only pictures I have taken to document the massive growth of my belly. (You asked for it Jessie...hee hee). I am 35 weeks in this picture, and now I am almost 39 weeks! Where does the time go? Pregnancy is this amazing, weird, beautiful, crazy thing that I just can't put into the right words....I do feel lucky to experience this little soccer player inside of me...I will definitely miss it(even the rib kicks and bladder punches...feisty like her mom)

Funny the things you pick up....

Ode to my mother! I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago, after a nice Sunday dinner I had cooked for my parents, Robb and Ram. (I know, you are shocked that I, Annie Shirley can cook, believe me, no one is more shocked than Robb....he has had cold cereal and quesadillas for the first four and 3/4 of our marriage. But dang I make a mean bowl of cold cereal). After the 'rents had left and I was cleaning up a little bit I came face to face with a major conflict! Do I throw away these perfectly good plastic cups and utensils? Years of growing up with my sweet mother and plastic ware has taught me, that no, I do not throw them away. Some of you family members out there may recall many a dinners or gatherings where plastic ware is used and all of a sudden a blood-curdling scream is let out as clean up is going on....oh my goodness, did someone die? No, no, no, mother found some plastic ware carelessly thrown away in the garbage....perfectly good re-usable plastic ware. And so, dear mother of mine, in honor of you, I clean and re-use all plastic ware, and believe me, on the rare occasion that I throw a plastic knife, spoon, or fork away I feel guilty for a portion of the day....I love my mom, and I am so glad I have some how picked up on these corky habits....

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Damn the Monopoly Man!

I don't think I have played Monopoly since I was like 9....and even then I didn't really "play" it. Before everyone was married off in our family and with their in-law's and we lived up on good ol' Comanche Lane, all the boys (uncles, brothers, and dad) would stay up all night playing some serious Monopoly. Well, this year Robb and Dave talked Bear and I into playing with start up the tradition again. The Monopoly I bought on the 24th from Target has a few more dice to the game to mix things up...well mix it up it did! One second your winning with and once you roll the dice with the monopoly man on it...death! This is the reason I am damning him! Needless to say, we all had a blast! We had a case of the late night giggles at one point and I love the late night giggles! (Late night giggles: laughing and you can't stop and you start crying you are laughing so hard, and these last at least 10 minutes) Dave won the game on Christmas Eve...doesn't he look pleased with himself? Thanks for a fun night...we will be having a rematch!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The work Christmas party...too much fun!

SO this AWESOME and entertaining party happened a month ago, but I did take pictures so I could sorry it is WAY past posting time. Working at Dr. Swensons is a BLAST...we have the funnest bunch of girls there (I am sure Dr. Swenson may beg to differ...he has 6 girls and his beautiful wife at home, and 12 girls at work) and when we get together, it is a riot! Dr. Swenson lets us crash his house for a few hours, eating delicious food and exchanging white elephant gifts. Dr. Swenson got these elf slippers, Talia got some cute slippers as well(hee hee), Matt got this awesome Christmas tie(Matt is Laceys hubby) and the list goes on. I did however miss Sara and Dennis(I am still upset you weren't there), a couple of years ago, they brought Odouls and pretzels for their gift...I was curious and took a sip and just about lost everything I had just was disgusting, I'm pretty sure I won't become a beer drinker. Thanks for the fun night girls! (and hubbies and Dr. S) Can't wait for next year!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The month of much to blog

Dear Friends and Family!
Okay, so I have not been very diligent in blogging the adventures of the Shirley Family (not that our lives are super exciting) but I do have a few things I would love to blog about accompanied by some pictures, but I am going to be honest...The month of December will be blogged about in January, so bear with me. The little sweetie pie in my tummy has 5 more weeks to cook and then I get to see her! I am excited, scared, sad, overwhelmed, and elated all at once! I just wanted to take the time to let all you know (I wish I could email and visit each of you) that I LOVE YOU! I have so many memories of each of you that put a smile on my face....I have been reflecting on those experiences today and miss all of you! Yes, I mean anyone that visits this blog, all my friends from growing up from grade school to college, and I want to be blessed by your presence once again. I am sure you are all tends to get that way, but let's get together! You have all blessed and touched my life in so many ways....I would not be who I am today with out the friendships and influences of you all...and I must say thank you to for being patient with me...I am a pill and have made some not so great choices, but I appreciate that you still love me(or at least i hope you all do!) Man, what random blog, just overwhelmed with emotions for all of you. Hope your Christmas and New Year was awesome! Luvs!