Sunday, July 6, 2008

Me and My Guy

He means business!
A little nourishment before the casting...
I couldn't resist taking a picture of our surroundings
Heck yah! I am an AVID fisherwoman

Robb-bubba with his fishy

So this little fishing trip took place back in June on a Saturday evening. Robb asked me out on a date and of course I obliged and we went up to my aunt's place in Midway. I was famished, and so we went to The Famous Dairy Keen in Heber and got some grub. I must say it was a great start to the date! We headed to a part of the Provo River that runs behind my aunt and uncle's place and sure had fun. I caught two fish, and Robb caught about 5. There was one point in our fun evening, when Robb carried me across the river on his back and I had the fishing poles, one in each hand....I just wish someone could have taken a picture! I decided that on our way crossing back, that I would walk with Robb....holy ice water! I almost drowned in three feet deep water! I had to give Robb a pat on the back for carrying me on his back in that ice bath. The night was a success, as it ended with a kiss....and a sleep over!(hee hee)

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Anonymous said...

What a fun date. I love the Dairy Keen. We go there everytime we're at our cabin in Midway.