Sunday, February 14, 2010



Hello Friends! For the five of you that even read this are a few new pics of the happenings around our crib. Miss Brighton has FINALLY learned how to crawl on all fours...she used to do this army crawl but has since graduated to her knees and hands instead of pulling herself across the floor. I CHOPPED my took a few days to fall in love with it, but now that it takes 20 minutes to do versus 45 minutes...and I have always wanted a faux hawk...I indeed love the cut, Thanks Crystal. Brighton turned 1 this month! We had a bash of all bashes...I am embarrassed at the amount of money I spent on this little girls day, but she is worth every penny and more....It was a Rainbow Brite party with lots of treats and pics to come....we had a dear friend who takes AMAZING pics come and capture some precious memories for us. And the top picture? Well that is my little Valentine...she was a BIG hit at church today. I am definitely a proud mama. That little girl is the bomb! Hope everyone's Vday was special. 'Til next post! XOXO