Sunday, July 20, 2008

From a month ago, but sure love my dad!

All right, these photos were taken on Father's Day back in June, and because I am such a procrastinator (I tend to be that way with pretty much everything, like the homework assignment I have due tomorrow that I haven't even started on) I haven't gotten these cute pictures up yet. So yes, I do see that my strapping young father has a bow tie on, and it is awesome isn't it? My mom was out of town over Father's Day, and so my dad was extremely excited to wear his bow mom would not have allowed it! My dad is the best! Seriously, I love this man with all my heart. He loves horses and anything cowboy. It is the best when he is going on a ride and gets all his gear on, from his wranglers(he doesn't wear them tight, although I don't think it would matter because my dad has a flat butt) to his cowboy hat a boots to his neckerchief(spelling?) and most often he is sporting the sweetest mustache! (although his mom is not a big fan of it) He works like no other man I know and he has the most Christ-like qualities of any one I have ever met! Plus, I am his only little girl, and I get cute little nicknames; peanut, pumpkin, princess, Annie-bug (just to name a few). I just had to get this blog done about the most incredible Dad in the world! (I often imagine that he is very similar to what our Father in Heaven is like) Love you Daddio! (OH and I love how he gets super annoyed when I put Chloe in his bed at night, and how the only channel on the t.v. that is on when he gets home from work is the western channel!)

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