Friday, February 29, 2008


Okay, for now this will be short, I just wanted to say we have arrived! We have some funny stories to tell, and I will post the pictures with the stories. It is 9:07pm right now in Shanghai and we are in dorms at the University. We got a private bathroom, and I am happy to anounce that it is not a hole in the flushes and everything! But there is no toilet paper....Thank goodness I brought kleenexes! Also, there are two separate beds...and they are small. Robb and I will be getting cozy tonight! Lots of love! Annie and Robb

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Little Scottie Farmer

I just left the home of a dear family that is extremely close to my heart. I had to take a moment and talk about my special friend. I lived in Orem until I was five years old, and during that time I was blessed to meet someone who has influenced my life and has stayed close in my heart to this very day. His name is Scott Sterling Farmer. It may seem unbelievable to imagine 2 year olds developing such a close relationship, but Scottie and I's relationship began long before this lifetime. Those of you who know me will I agree that at times I am more than difficult, stubborn, whiny and I do throw my fits....but even at the age of 4, Scottie waited patiently for me to calm down. He is amazing and I am sad to say his life was cut short at the tender age of five. He was hit by a car while helping another neighbor boy across the street. His memory lives on and he is someone I will never forget. Hopefully when we get to heaven all of you will have the opportunity to meet this sweet soul. He has blue eyes and blonde hair. What a hansome man he must be now! Thanks for listening to my heart speak tonight. Love to all

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I wanna dance!

Well, friends...I love to dance! My mom says that since I was young I would walk around on my tippy toes and twirl around all over the house. I have grown up dancing and have had the great opportunity to learn different types of dance...I love the way it makes me feel! It is my release from whatever may be thwarting my efforts for happiness in this life. There is an extremely entertaining class at the 8th North Golds Gym taught by a guy that does better booty rolls then any girl in the is a good work out too! Any who, writing more for myself than for you all out there...but i know there are some that will agree that dance is beautiful!

Monday, February 18, 2008

My first time blogging!

Well, I have finally gotten on here to add a post! Nothing exciting, except to me, because this is one post of many to come(uh oh!) Robb and I are living in my parents place until we leave for China. I just bought a GINORMOUS box of Saltines to pack in my bag just in case. I know they can sustain me in China, until I find food I can eat and if not, I will get a bottled water to help the new found cuisine slide down my gullet more easily,(anyone an OFFICE fan?) Well, I must get to bed to get my beauty sleep! Adios!