Sunday, July 6, 2008

Strawberry Days.....and cream

(pictures from top to bottom: My cute cowboy dad, THE strawberries and cream you HAVE to get when you go, my oldest nephew Kaden and the gorgeous Rodeo Queen, some rough-ridin' cowboy on his buckin' horse, and last but not least, Ram(the most sweetest, kindest guy with the best attitude you will ever meet! He is family to us for sure, you have to meet this dude!)

So it has been tradition for a while now to head over to Pleasant Grove and go to the Strawberry Days not only was my first date with Robb, but a yearly thing with my family and I usually love it! It has only been the last two years that I have started to question the treatment of animals at rodeos...I mean seriously, have you seen the calf roping and steer wrestling? The poor babies necks are getting yanked and twisted and I just can hardly stand watching it! I may have to join PETA(I can see myself now, picket signs and protesting as my family passes me at Strawberry Days next year). Besides the neck twisting, I have a great time with my family, and took some sweet pictures, so here you go!


Anonymous said...


I live in PG. I've been going to Strawberry Days for as long as I can remember (except the dance company I grew up with ALWAYS had their recitals that week. Friggin conspiracy), and I eat WAY too much strawberries and cream. Best. Ever.

6 P's in a Pod said...

Kaden looks like he'd like a bite of that Strawberry Tart! (I can say that---he's my son!)

Jenn said...

What happened to James' awesome mustache? Oh, you just gotta love that cowboy dad of your! Mmm... and those strawberries, I want some.