Sunday, November 2, 2008

Home owner

No pictures for this post, but I thought it worthy to make note....Robb and I are home owners! (Well, when I say owner, I mean we bought a house and have a home loan) but no more renting for us....just paying a hefty mortgage every month. We bought a town house in Three Fountains on Canyon Road and couldn't have done it with out the constant help and support from my parents...who lucky for us, live here in Three Fountains as well in a Condo! My crazy brother Dave, and insanely funny sister-in-law Bear thought it would be okay to take their family to Idaho Falls! (Yes, they did indeed take my little Graham Cracker away from me). Dave and Bear sold us their town it is kind of bitter sweet. But we have loved it thus far in the 6 weeks we have lived here, and I am still unpacking boxes! There is a lot of crap I have accumulated over the past few years....I hope to not be moving here for a good while.

Fridays with Oakley

I have the privilege of babysitting for my big bro Muck and his hot wife Nikki on Fridays. Oakley is the youngest and I get her all to myself(well, Robb and I do) until the kids get home from school later in the day. She is diva-licious for sure! We LOVE watching her, and I must say I have been getting a little jealous since Robb has been coming with me because she only wants him! Here are some of our fun times with the little chick-a-dee. Pretzel bites at the Mall, Magelby's Fresh breakfast and lunch at her house...(can you see the water she poured all over sandwich? She still took a bite after it was SOAKED!) Love you little Oakster!

REAL Soccer Game

What a fun night! October 9th was REAL Salt Lake's first home game in their new stadium, and Robb's awesome companion from the good 0l' mission field invited us along! Robb has been a connoisseur of soccer since his mission in England. He came home and played for UVSC's team for 2 years and he was like a kid at Christmas when we went to this game. Some guy actually proposed to his girlfriend at the game at half time (ahhh how romantic). We had a great night....Thanks so much John! You are the best!