Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hell has frozen over

Yes, what you see is true....Anne Kimball Pinegar Shirley is actually pregnant. I had been avoiding motherhood as long as possible, and was actually concerned that I wasn't "aching" to have children, as that seems to be the woman's primary purpose in life. But Robb has been wanting a kid for some time now and we practiced our hardest in China! So yes, we can say our baby was actually "Made in China"! I am 8 weeks pregnant and I couldn't be happier! I was baby hungry in China(which is a miracle, because I usually would get sick to my stomach thinking of me being pregnant) and now I am just sick to my stomach because I am pregnant...all those darn hormones swirling about! There are four tests in the picture because I just couldn't believe it was true! It happened so quick for us, but the Dr. told me there was a false negative, but no such thing as a false my eggo is definitely preggo. I kept it a secret from all but my mom and my sis-in-law for a week and 2 days! It was so hard not to tell Robb....I just told him Aunt Flo was in town and acted my heart out! I totally deserve an Oscar! I announced the pregnancy by having a Chinese dinner with all the adults in my family. I brought back some super cute rice bowls and chopsticks from China that I was dying to use and my Mom and I bought fortune cookies, broke them open, and replaced the fortunes in them with others that had to do with babies. We were totally sneaky! After we ate the yummy Chinese dinner, we opened the fortune cookies and each read our fortune aloud, oldest to youngest. After they were all ready, my brother asked where in the HE-- we got the fortune cookies, because the fortunes totally sucked! No one understood what message I was trying to convey! I finally yelled out "I'm Pregnant!" I had to say it twice before people actually understood what I was saying...(I have joked in times past that I was pregnant, just to get a rise out of people, and so I am sure they didn't believe me this time....I am like the boy who cried wolf I guess.) Robb's face was classic! I wish I would have snapped a picture...he was speechless! I was worried that he wasn't excited, but he just sat there stunned. He said he was most surprised that I kept a secret for so long! Any who, I am due on February 8th and we get to hear the heart beat on July 21st! (My mom is so proud that I am so obedient...she told me I had to come home from China with a baby in my tummy.) Some of you may be having a heart attack from shock right now....but it has been a great four and half years with Robb and we are pleased to welcome a new partner in crime!

'Bout time...and Happy Graduation!

My cute Grandparents! (We missed you Grandparents Geertsen!)
Bear with a yummy hamburger and my special frog-eye salad...Mmmmm!
This is my cousin's little boy Brady. He is such a stud!
Kessley, in Holland's lady bug costume showing us her donut.
Robb and his proud little wifey and graduation dog

Hello World! I have felt so absent from the world of blogging since being home. I don't have as much time to do what I like, because I have been back at work and school and trying to adjust to life in America. I so miss China, and would move there in a heart beat. For all those wanting to travel, please consider China. It has so many wonderful things to see! Any way, back on track, Robb graduated on May 30th with his MBA! I am so proud of him and all of his hard work. We had a graduation party for him up at my brother's house and so I am going to share some of the pictures we took. I have tons to blog about, so check back over the next few days.....