Saturday, May 30, 2009

Time won't stand still...

No pictures with this post...sorry. I just can't take it anymore. My little baby is growing up! I am sure to all of you she looks like a baby, but she is getting bigger by the day and the last few days I have cried as I look at my sweet little munchkin develop into this amazing little person with her own beautiful personality. I finally understand the love my mother has and must of had for me. Brighton is truly amazing. She starting rolling from her tummy to her tender little back three weeks ago! She has held her head up from the day she was born and she has a strong personality. She is a little firecracker and I can only hope that her physical strength that she portrays will transfer over into her spiritual and emotional strength. She is the love of my life. Sometimes she smiles so big all you see are her pink taffy like gums and her cheeks get all round and I just want to eat 'em! Her hair is growing...and while it is growing steadily everywhere, she still has a big turkey tail at the crown of her head and very little up is awesome! Her little screeches and screams have become louder and really high pitched and she is so silly. She has been sleeping in her own room in her big black crib for two weeks now...and not once has she cried when I put her in there and turn off the lights. She is an angel. My dear sweet angel that I somehow got lucky enough to get and I never want to let her go. So please, dear Brighton don't grow up too fast. Let me hold you a little while longer, let me stare at you for forever and let me love you for eternity my sweet little beauty all.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

This little girl....

This little, she is SUCH a little girl. SO yes, she has leg warmers....I love them! I have about 15 pairs for her...I am crazy I know, but I put them on and all of a sudden she is putting her leg up into a passe'...YESSSS i have a dancer in the making! She is so much fun, I love being this little girls momma. I worry I can't be the best momma for her...but I do love her more than anyone in this universe does or ever will that is for sure! Oh and yes, she needs her beauty sleep...she was asleep in this picture, this little sleep mask works wonders!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Fashion Sense

Alright, is there anything wrong with this picture? I love Nikki with all my heart, but sometimes she needs a little help. We went out to dinner with cousins and our spouses and Nikki, Bear and I were talking about looking cute, or commenting on someones cute shoes when Nikki pipes up..."you guys didn't tell me how cute my new shoes are..." and as Bear and I looked down to see these super cute shoes we began to laugh. Bless Nikki's heart she had no idea why. Ankle socks with cute mary jane type flats? I don't think so. Hee hee, we had a good laugh and I still chuckle out loud in my room when I see these pictures. Love you Nikki! Thanks for giving me the late night giggles...hope to have them again soon.

12 weeks!?!?

This little morsel is 12 weeks old! (Well, the pictures were taken on her 12 week mark, now she is 13 weeks old) Her personality is so cute, she is going to be a little sassy pants when she gets older. She laughs and coos and slobbers and I could not be more in love...seriously, check out that face of hers! This is a dress that I got in China last year at one of the markets. I didn't even know I was pregnant or having a girl, I just knew I really wanted a girl. Thank heaven for little girls....