Thursday, November 5, 2009


Yes....the Fourth of July was four months ago...but I am posting the pics of my darling firecracker now. She apparently loves opening her mouth in pictures... but could she be any cuter? Before I had Brighton I blogged about??? I don't really remember...but she is my life now...therefore I blog about her. She is such a little spit fire...and when Robb met me he told me dynamite comes in small out world...cuz Brighton is just that....

Bijou Market

For everyone who is dying for some amazing handmade goodies (not only food) you need to attend the Bijou Market this Saturday. Go to www.bijoumarket or more details. Also there is an awesome giveaway at I hope I get to see you all there! YOu won't be disappointed...just bring lots o' cash...cuz you will find treasures galore! Luvs!