Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lots to talk about....

Okay, so Little Miss Brighton Pants has passed a few milestones...she has been smiling, laughing and cooing for quite some time now (at about her 6-7 week mark she began this). She went to her 2 month appt. and had her shots (totally miserable experience....I BALLED the second the nurse left the room). The nurse cringed when she saw her skinny little legs and informed me that it would hurt the baby more because she had no meat on her legs! Here are her stats for her 2 week appt.: 20 1/4 inches for height ( 50-75%), 6 lbs 3.4 oz for weight (3-10%) and 33 1/2 cm for head ( 10%). Here are her stats for her 2 month appt.: 22 inches for height ( 25-50%), 7 lbs 10 oz for weight ( 25%), and 36 cm for head ( 3%). She is just petite! She is a burfer (spits up a lot!) I wonder if she will ever put some weight on, and she has had some MAJOR blow outs. She is a little spit fire and we love her! Three girls at the office had babies with on 6 weeks of each other (so two of us physically had them and one brought home a GORGEOUS little girl named Lula, she totally deserves her because they have been trying to adopt forever). Easter was a blast! Brighton got some yummy candy and cute clothes in her lamb basket...I admit, I helped her eat some of her candy. But doesn't she look so pleased with her loot? And of course, we needed a picture with Aunt Sassy...we love you Lisa! (I didn't mention that when we sold our computer, my hubby wiped it clean and we lost a BUTT load (pardon the language) of pictures....Brighton pictures, pregnancy pictures, Christmas, my baby shower....lost forever in cyber space, I was sick for DAYS about it and I better not talk to much more about it or else I will cry again.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Brightons announcement

To everyone and anyone who would like.....I have never sent out Christmas cards or anything, but since the birth the my darling little girlie girl, I thought I would this year. Yes, she is almost 3 months old, but I am sending out announcements. Please leave your address and I would LOVE to send you one! Brighton really wants to send them out....she is anxious to meet you all! OH, and I have some posts coming up with lots of good pictures, Easter, my baby shower (yah I was still preggo) and some others) HOpe to hear from a lot of you...cuz I ordered a lot of announcements! XOXO

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Idaho is grrrrreat! Okay so it was bloody windy when we went up there a few weeks ago, but it was fun to see family. My brother and his darling family live in Idaho Falls and Robb is from Rexburg, ,so we had all sorts of delightfulness on our quick weekend trip. These pictures are of Robbs cute grandparents, Uncle Lex, his brother Blake...(he's single ladies) and his dad and stepmom Terri. We love all you guys in Idaho...can't wait to see you again! Brighton isn't a very pleasant baby bless her little there is a great picture of her lettin' us know she has had it!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Meeting Olivia, and the Bumbo chair!

okay, so I got these pictures in the wrong order, but Brighton went to the hospital to meet her new friend, baby Olivia! She is gorgeous and has a ton of hair as you can see. Her Mommy is like a sister to me and I am so proud of her! Brighton likes her Bumbo chair for a total of about 10 minutes tops, and after that, I had better get her out of it or she screams bloody murder! But the second picture of her on this post is just the beginning of the end of her time in the is actually my favorite face ever! She gets the sour, bitter puckered lips face and I just smile every time(even though she is sad). We go to the doctor tomorrow for her 2 month check up and those danged shots! I will probably cry! I love this little squirt! (She is so long now she can't fit into her newborn outfits....she just may get a few more inches than her momma! Yay!)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Hey, this post is more of a solicitation for all of our dear friends goods and services....does anyone know of a job opportunity out of state or even out of the country? We realize the economy is awful, and this may be a silly question to be asking you, but sometimes some one knows something or has a hook up somewhere, and so for the few of you who do check this blog, let us know if you know anyone that may have a job opportunity out of the state of Utah, preferrably one that doesn't pay too low, or else it obviously would not be worth it....Thanks! It's about time we get out of here and away from it all....New adventure!