Saturday, January 24, 2009

Damn the Monopoly Man!

I don't think I have played Monopoly since I was like 9....and even then I didn't really "play" it. Before everyone was married off in our family and with their in-law's and we lived up on good ol' Comanche Lane, all the boys (uncles, brothers, and dad) would stay up all night playing some serious Monopoly. Well, this year Robb and Dave talked Bear and I into playing with start up the tradition again. The Monopoly I bought on the 24th from Target has a few more dice to the game to mix things up...well mix it up it did! One second your winning with and once you roll the dice with the monopoly man on it...death! This is the reason I am damning him! Needless to say, we all had a blast! We had a case of the late night giggles at one point and I love the late night giggles! (Late night giggles: laughing and you can't stop and you start crying you are laughing so hard, and these last at least 10 minutes) Dave won the game on Christmas Eve...doesn't he look pleased with himself? Thanks for a fun night...we will be having a rematch!

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