Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Hey, this post is more of a solicitation for all of our dear friends goods and services....does anyone know of a job opportunity out of state or even out of the country? We realize the economy is awful, and this may be a silly question to be asking you, but sometimes some one knows something or has a hook up somewhere, and so for the few of you who do check this blog, let us know if you know anyone that may have a job opportunity out of the state of Utah, preferrably one that doesn't pay too low, or else it obviously would not be worth it....Thanks! It's about time we get out of here and away from it all....New adventure!


Kika+Trevor said...

It's funny you ask, we're also looking for something else. We might move to AZ this summer, it's nothing sure yet, but Trevor's uncle has a business that he offered a franchise to Trevor. So that'd be cool. If he has more openings or something like that I'll let u know, it'd be so cool to live close to my sister!!

love you so much!!

The Poer Family said...

i was going to say Arizona too! My brother in law heard they are hiring at the hospital's down there, and what better job to have than one at the hospital! I heard you can start as much as 16.00 an hour being an orderly. Plus.... housing is soooo low you can get a house twice your size for 180,000.

I don't know just thought I would share

The Poer Family said...

Annie this is Shanna by the way! I guess my sister Neysa was logged in at my parents home! lol

liz hawkins said...

How about Minneapolis? That's where we're headed... It sure would be nice to know someone!

DebbieCoblentz said...

April Fool's, right?
Debbie Coblentz

Braden and Cheri said...

Annie! Arizona is open and available, as people are saying. And as for housing, you can literally get a 2500 sq ft house for $100,000 or less. Ridiculous. Anyway, Braden works for the University of Phoenix and they are always hiring.