Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just to clarify

Clarification to all those who have or do see me as someone that thinks she is better than them or perfect or anything similar to what I just wrote: I DO NOT THINK I AM BETTER THAN ANYBODY. My intentions have always been to try and make a bad situation good or better. I do not claim to know it all, nor do I think I am better than anybody...in fact, if you truly knew me, you would know I actually despise myself....so there you go. Perhaps the only thing I have done right in my life is having this little girl....granted Robb did half of it, but I will take credit for my half of right. So what have learned from this here post? 1. I do not claim to be better than anybody, or more righteous, or perfect or without issues and sin. 2. My daughter is the one thing I have done right. XOXOXO


Kika+Trevor said...

I love you!!!

Kory said...

If someone said something to you to make you say that they obviously don't know you. Secondly, point me at them, I'll take care of them.

Amy said...

I am with kory. What happened to inspire that post? I hope you don't despise yourself really, because you are a beautiful talented women, and your baby is ADORABLE! So flaunt away. Because you are better than whoever told you that, that's for dang sure.