Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hong Kong

Long time no post....there has been a lot going on. Robb and I went to GuanZhou and ZhongShan for a business meeting Robb had, and then took the ferry to Hong Kong. It was an absolute blast! We stayed in the Patron housing near the temple(We are poor students, and it was 28 u.s. dollars per night for both of us) and it was quite the experience. You can see the bunk beds in on the pictures above. There are two sets to a room, and Robb and I shared the bottom one in this picture....we are used to sleeping on small beds, I just got to cuddle with my hubby a little more than usual! We attended four sessions and each did Initiatory's and I have to say it was the most amazing temple experience of my life(next to marrying most amazing guy in the world). We got a picture with the Temple President...President Goo. The Hong Kong Temple reminds me the Manhattan New York Temple. Church is held on the second floor, and the Temple is on a busy street in between apartment buildings and such. We met some saints for Thailand who were going through for the first time ever....some of them were grandma's, and I was amazed by their commitment and faith. Vio(pictured with Robb) is 29 and from Thailand, going through the Temple for the first time. He is the only member in his family, and is an incredible individual. It is pretty cute when he talks because he says "Lobb" instead of Robb. The last picture of us is coming back on the subway, after finding out the we couldn't go to Ocean Park. We were so excited to go to this Amusement Park/small zoo, but when we got to the bus station, no more buses were going to Ocean Park because it would close in 2 hours. We were pretty bummed, and so we documented our disappointment. Hong Kong is amazing. It was super humid, and hence, Robb and I got some serious back sweat(especially when we wore the back pack). People get fined for spitting and smoking in most places, and so it was a most refreshing change from Mainland China. OH, and they serve sausage, egg, and cheese mcmuffin all day long at the McDonalds in Hong Kong...mmmmmmm.


Kory and Amy said...

That sounds like quite the adventure! How exciting!

Kika & Trevor Windhorst said...

Man, mcd's breakfast is the way to go!! :)

how cool, going to the Temple there, it must have been awesome! :)