Friday, April 11, 2008


This post is for my beautiful, incredible, amazing sister-in-law. Her name is really Cherilyn, but we all call her Bear....and A Booba is something my awesome brother Dave(her hubby) puts on the end of every is a term of endearment. Bear is due on May 25th with her fourth child, and third boy. I received an email from my sweet Mom at 12:30am Mountain time and I was surprised at how late it was. Bear came home from a night of playing with my other brother's kids when she started to hemorrhage profusely and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. She has a condition known as Placenta Previa, and will most likely deliver the baby within 2 weeks if not sooner. I am no baby expert, but I have been researching it on the computer and the lungs are not developed completely in the baby. What can I do here in China for my sweet sis-in-law?!?! Anyone that knows Bear loves her...and for those of you who are seeing her picture for the first time will agree she radiates! She is amazing and I love her to pieces. Please pray for Bear and her family in this difficult and scary time. If there ever was a woman, who IS the definition of love, patience, humility, and faith, it is Cherilyn Gillett Pinegar. I love you Bear! (I love you Dave, Carson, Kessley, Tayson, and baby boy)


Kika & Trevor Windhorst said...

Oh no! That is scary! I am going to call Dave and see if I can help with the kids, I bet him and your mom are by her side at all times!

You know how much I love Bear, well, and the whole Pinegar family! You guys are *the* best!
She is my prayers for shizzle!


love you Annie!!

The LeRoy's said...

Annie, I totally remember Bear. She is a sweet girl and I will be praying for her at this difficult time. I hope she is doing well right now. Her little girl looks just like she could be yours. You are a great sister -in-law to inform people and ask for prayers. She is lucky to hvae you as family. I love you so much and thank you so much for the thoughtful email. That had to have been the nicest thing anybody has ever said to me. I have always considered you a true firend. You are so real and I just love that about you. You never felt like you had to be someone your weren't and I totally respect that. You are amazing girl. We need to spend time together forsure when you are home. Rob is one lucky guy to have you in his life. He married the most spiritual, sweet, smart,beautiful all around perfect girl. Don't ever change. You will be blessed so much for the life you have lived Annie!


Kyle and Brittany Peterson said...

Annie that is so sad. I definitely will remember her in my prayers. Please keep me posted on how it all goes. It's probably so difficult to be across the world from her. The last time I saw her was the Shopko visit. Their kids are incredibly gorgeous! When do you guys come back to the states? What school are you at again?

{lindy baker cakes} said...

It's Lindy (Rawle) Baker. I'm so sorry about your sis inlaw. I hope everything goes well. I had no idea you had a blog! I saw your comment on Kat's! Give me your e-mail and I'll add you.

Kory and Amy said...

So just the other day my sister Hilary asked me if I knew you, because she ran into your mom while at work. (she works in the labor and delivery unit of IHC) I assume now that it was because your sister in law was there. Its crazy how small this world is. I will tell my sister to keep a special watch over your sister inlaw. We will also keep her in her prayers.