Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Weekend

What a fun Easter! Friday night Robb and I went to dinner with three other couples from our Branch and we ate at a place called Tex Mex. It has western style food. I got sandwich and Robb got the Fajitas and it was delicious! We then ventured to meet up with a single guy from our Branch and did some Karaoke! Oh my heck, it was so much fun, and the guy's name is Benji and he is really big over here and especially in Taiwan. He is American and went to BYU and was on Young Ambassadors. He served his mission in Australia but it was Chinese speaking. He loves China and Chinese! He has moved here to pursue becoming a pop star and has been in some contests and is signing with someone in Taiwan. Any way, Karaoke is huge here and it isn't a bar, but there are private rooms for your own group of people. There is wrap around seating and a table and they brought us a big plate of fruit and this delicious kiwi drink. I was super shy at first, but I picked some songs and let loose! We recorded some it, so once we figure out how to add video to our blog we will share the fun night with all of you! Benji brought a friend who is an amazing singer as well. Her name is Yen and she dances here with the Shanghai Ballet. We stayed for about 2 hours and around 11:30pm we were going to go to an American Hip Hop club to dance...but Robb and Cameron were not up for it. So, we told Benji that another not he can take Char, Yen and I out to dance! That would be sooooo fun! Any who, I had to share my fun night in Shanghai with you! Video and pictures to come....but anyone have advice or instructions on how to post video and slide shows of pictures? (I am new to this...totally clueless) Help!


The LeRoy's said...

fun little Easter weekend. I can't wait to see pictures. Sounds like you are doing well. I am so happy. Tell Robb hi from Cory!

Its said...

Hey that seems so fun!
It's easy to add video and pictures :)
On the square where you type the posting, there are some little images on top of it, they are for pictures or videos or others. Check it out, you will see. I will send you an email with screen shots.
For slides, you have to go to a website that creates slides, upload the pictures, pick the background or how you want the slide to show and then copy the url from that slide into a space here on the blog (you have to go to blog layout, click on add element and then click on URL. paste the url from the slide, save and that's it.
If you want more instructions email me ok?
love you!!

Kass Martin said...

It sounds like you are having such a great time in a new country. Way to adjust. I bet your husband is super appreciative of that. I think it's awesome. Add the video. That would be fun. I know someone else gave instructions so let's see it.