Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I am frustrated! Therefore I am using red for my text color. I have been working for an hour now to post our Karaoke video, but because of all the darned Government blocks here in China, I cannot open up blogger for a video post. Kika, your email totally helped, but it is a dead end here in I am ticked cuz I may have to wait until I get home....Sorry! I will keep working at it though.

On Easter Sunday, Robb had his first class....9am-9pm with some 10 minute breaks and one hour break for lunch. There are 7 people in his class(including him), 5 girls and 2 boys. They invited him to lunch and he came and got me from the dorm room. We ate at an interesting shop on the side of the walkway off of Donghua campus. As we walked in the door, we looked to our left and there were dead(fully cooked) chickens hanging in the window. And then there were bowls with chicken heads, chicken feet, duck heads.....(okay I am grossing myself out). We ate at a table that has a lazy susan type of holder in the middle of the table and the food is placed on that and when you want something, you just spin it. You don't really scoop food onto a plate, but pick at the plates that everyone is eating off of. I didn't eat too much because I was a bit grossed out. I did eat the rice! Robb is much more brave...and he is way better at chopsticks than I am. They all laughed at us! One funny thing...Robb told his classmates at lunch that I danced, and one of the girls(Helen) told me that if we moved here there are lots of gentlemen clubs here to dance at and get paid...(what?!?!) Um, it turns out she meant like sports clubs like a gym that I could teach classes at. It gave us all a good laugh. I am going to figure this picture posting thing out and put some pictures of his classmates on here! Tzi Jen for now!