Monday, February 18, 2008

My first time blogging!

Well, I have finally gotten on here to add a post! Nothing exciting, except to me, because this is one post of many to come(uh oh!) Robb and I are living in my parents place until we leave for China. I just bought a GINORMOUS box of Saltines to pack in my bag just in case. I know they can sustain me in China, until I find food I can eat and if not, I will get a bottled water to help the new found cuisine slide down my gullet more easily,(anyone an OFFICE fan?) Well, I must get to bed to get my beauty sleep! Adios!


The LeRoy's said...

Annie, I don't know how I found you, but I did! i am loving it! I am so glad you hopped on the blogging bandwagon. I went private, so email me and I will send you an invite to view my blog! yay! I miss you tons!

The LeRoy's said...

my email is

Anonymous said...

SHUN ON! (umm.. the office.. did you get that?)

Okay this is Amy. I'm supposed to be in bed, but I'll be all about the links when I come back tomorrow during naptime (aka cleaning time, but.. umm.. nah).

And cute picture!