Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Little Scottie Farmer

I just left the home of a dear family that is extremely close to my heart. I had to take a moment and talk about my special friend. I lived in Orem until I was five years old, and during that time I was blessed to meet someone who has influenced my life and has stayed close in my heart to this very day. His name is Scott Sterling Farmer. It may seem unbelievable to imagine 2 year olds developing such a close relationship, but Scottie and I's relationship began long before this lifetime. Those of you who know me will I agree that at times I am more than difficult, stubborn, whiny and I do throw my fits....but even at the age of 4, Scottie waited patiently for me to calm down. He is amazing and I am sad to say his life was cut short at the tender age of five. He was hit by a car while helping another neighbor boy across the street. His memory lives on and he is someone I will never forget. Hopefully when we get to heaven all of you will have the opportunity to meet this sweet soul. He has blue eyes and blonde hair. What a hansome man he must be now! Thanks for listening to my heart speak tonight. Love to all


Kika & Trevor Windhorst said...

Annie, I will listen to your heart whenever it wants to speak :)
Love you my little sis, and will pray that you and Robb will have an AWESOME and UNFORGETABLE time in China! :)


6 P's in a Pod said...

Scotty and his memory are still very much alive today because you keep his memory alive. This is a wonderful tribute to him. I remember going to see his space in the cemetery.

Jess, Dust, and Wyatt said...

Hey Annie,
Thanks for inviting us to keep in touch with you through your blog! You're welcome to visit OURS, too!!! We'd love to hear from you!

Big hugs and good luck in China!!!

Jess, Dust, and Wyatt said...

It's http://eyrelife.blogspot.com Silly me. I forgot to write it. :)

The LeRoy's said...

Annie, I so remember you talking about Scottie growing up! I think it is amazing how someone you have known for such a short time could affect you so much! I too know this from experience. You never forget and I think there is a reason! What a nice thing to read about a close friend of yours. I hope you enjoy China. Keep the info coming and post some pics! Love you lots, Rob you take good care of her! especially when she is having those hard days being away from family and Utah!!!!

Kyle and Brittany Peterson said...

Wow. That's so sweet. The weird thing is I think my mom knows his family. I remember a funeral for a child when I was young and they had the name of Farmer. Maybe? I don't know. What are his parents names? I will have to ask my momma.