Saturday, June 28, 2008

'Bout time...and Happy Graduation!

My cute Grandparents! (We missed you Grandparents Geertsen!)
Bear with a yummy hamburger and my special frog-eye salad...Mmmmm!
This is my cousin's little boy Brady. He is such a stud!
Kessley, in Holland's lady bug costume showing us her donut.
Robb and his proud little wifey and graduation dog

Hello World! I have felt so absent from the world of blogging since being home. I don't have as much time to do what I like, because I have been back at work and school and trying to adjust to life in America. I so miss China, and would move there in a heart beat. For all those wanting to travel, please consider China. It has so many wonderful things to see! Any way, back on track, Robb graduated on May 30th with his MBA! I am so proud of him and all of his hard work. We had a graduation party for him up at my brother's house and so I am going to share some of the pictures we took. I have tons to blog about, so check back over the next few days.....


Steph said...

Stress and hormones must be getting to me! I fought back tears when I say the picture of your grandparents and seeing Kris in the background and seeing the old house updated! Floods of memories came to me! I miss you guys. What an accomplishment for Robb!

Kory said...

That little ladybug has some serious form!

Kika & Trevor said...

congratulations to Robb and Happy bday to Grandpa! :)